Day 9 Update – Request For Help

We have secured a boat and will be doing a search tomorrow on the Rock River. I am asking if anyone has a depth finder/underwater camera/sonar equipment that we can borrow for the day. I will gladly come pick it up. If anyone has a drone, feel free to fly it above the Rock River along Route 2 from Rockford to Byron. Or you can concentrate on the river south of Lake Louise. Thank you again for all of the support, donations, and prayers. Brandon is one of the toughest and most resourceful people I know, and my heart is telling me that he’s ok. –Billy Cuddy

We have set up a GoFundMe to assist in getting resources to help our search – including (but not limited to) a Private Investigator, Aerial Searches (Plane/Helicopter) to run along the Rock River as well as advertising media.

Any help you can provide will be GREATLY appreciated by all. You can visit the GoFundMe at: